find out about the ardis...a new direction for the garden office

The Ardis is designed to complement your environment using futuristic, traditional or corporate branded colourways.

We have created 4 popular colour options which you can view by moving over any of the adjacent swatches. You'll quickly see that the colours are designed to be sympathetic with your own personal taste and surroundings. At Ardis Design we also understand the colourways which will make a planning application far more successful - some geographic areas will require a more traditional colour scheme. The Ardis 400, 450, 850, 1250 and SPACE+ are all available in the colours illustrated.

What happens if I want an alternative colourway?

We have access to over 50 colours utilising the Sadolin Superdec™ wood protection coating. You have the opportunity to select colours which suit your lifestyle, surroundings or even brand identity. Certain Ardis models may be subject to a small additional fee for unusual colourways - please contact us if you would like to discuss this further. The colourways we have created fully represent most customers' environments, you may find the above options suit your needs!

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MOVE OVER A SWATCH opposite to see the ardis change colour. There are many more colourways available. You may have to wait a moment for the picture to load and display.

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