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Our customers ask various questions about the Ardis range of products. Below is a list of the most frequently asked. You will most likely find the answer to your question here but if we haven't covered it then please use our contact form.

Does the Ardis 450 need planning permission?


In most cases, the Ardis 450 will fall within your permitted development rights. Exceptions would include situations where your permitted development rights already been used up, properties within conservation areas and properties within the curtilage of a listed building. Ardis Design Limited can advise you. Should a planning application be required Ardis Design Limited will make the application on your behalf.

Do the larger models need planning permission?


The situation is the same as for the Ardis 450 -please see FAQ 1 above.

I already have a conservatory/shed etc. Can I still get planning permission for the office as well? We have just had a large extension put on the house, how will this affect planning permission?


You may still be allowed an Ardis under your permitted development rights provided the total of the buildings does not exceed your allowance. If it does, planning permission will be required, but this should not be a problem in most cases. Please see FAQ 1 above.

I live in a conservation area, would I have a problem getting planning permission?


We believe that there should not be a problem getting a planning permission for an Ardis in a conservation area. The Ardis is in line with current Government policy of reducing travel to work journeys. Please see FAQ 1 above.

Can I have a different colour? Do I have to have a specific colour as I live in a conservation area?


We use Sadolin Superdec - the current range has approximately 50 colours. Ardis Design Limited can advise if you live in a conservation area. CLICK HERE to see popular colour options.

Does it have to be erected a certain distance away from the house not to be classed as an extension?


Yes - 5 metres.

What are the hidden costs?


We have done the best we can to avoid any hidden costs, however you will need to provide a clear level space on firm ground for your Ardis and you will have to arrange for your electrician to provide an electric supply and phone connection from your house to your Ardis.

We deliver to all parts of the U.K. and have to make a charge for delivery, depending on the distance from our works. Our skilled erection teams also have to travel and the travel costs including accommodation are included in the delivery costs.

The smaller the space the more important it is to have an efficient furniture layout. The price of the smaller models include the furniture but the furniture for the larger models is shown as a seperate cost.

The smaller models also include carpet, heating and lighting in their prices. These costs are shown seperately in the larger models as we have found that customers needs differ considerably.

If I buy it flat-packed, who will erect it?


We deliver the Ardis in flat pack form AND our skilled crews erect it for you. Erection is included in the price.

Do I have to make the ground ready myself?


You will need to provide a clear level space on firm ground for your Ardis - this could be part of your lawn or patio etc where there might be no preparatory work.

What sort of power point in the garden do I need?


Your electrician will advise you on connecting the Ardis to your house.

Do I have to get my own electrician? Isn't that expensive?


We strongly advise you to use a qualified electrician to connect the Ardis to your house. This is a relatively straight forward task and the cost will depend upon the distance from the house to your Ardis.

Does The Ardis come with a telephone point?


Yes it does! Your electrician will need to connect your home telephone system to your Ardis unless you use a cordless telephone system.

Can I have the larger sizes furnished?


Yes you can! Examples of alternative layouts are illustrated in our literature and on this web site. If you have any specific requests please contact us.

Can I buy the 450 without furniture? How does that affect the price?


No, we do not supply the Ardis 450 without furniture. We have designed the Ardis 450 around specific furniture to be extremely space efficient. The design encompasses everything and therefore the package is sold as a complete entity.

How long does it take to erect?


The Ardis 450 normally takes just one day to erect. Larger sizes take a little longer. The erection is planned well in advance with the client - the actual timing depending upon the distances involved.

If I move house how much will it cost for your workmen to dismantle and re-erect?


This will depend upon the distances involved. We will be happy to give you a specific quotation.

Do I need foundations?


No. The Ardis comes complete with its own large sleeper foundations which rest on the ground.

How long will it last? How strong is it?


All Ardis' are designed and built to similar standards as timber frame houses. They are therefore extremely strong and durable. The Ardis has a 20 year design life.

Can I have a different roof?


The style of roof depends upon the Ardis chosen - with some there is a choice. There is a wide choice of colours on all styles and models.

I don't need all those windows, can I have less light?


We can either add or deduct windows to suit your situation - please call us or use our contact form to discuss your requirements. CLICK HERE please.

I'm worried about safety. If it is down at the bottom of the garden how can I hide my computer etc?


We would recommend that blinds be fitted to windows that could be viewed by third parties so that equipment is out of sight when not in use. A trembler alarm could be fitted for extra security. All Ardis models have laminated glass and five lever locks on the doors as standard.

We now offer Venetian blinds at a little extra cost. These can be fitted by us also.
Please indicate whether you would like to choose this option when ordering.

Can I pay in stages?


Lease purchase arrangements are available eg. from £39 a week for the Ardis 450, subject to status. Please contact us for further details. CLICK HERE please.

I have my own business and I work from home. Is the office tax deductible?


Yes! The Ardis is a self-contained relocatable building and as such is considered to be Plant & Machinery for Capital Allowances. Your accountant should be able to advise you on this.

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