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The Ardis 850 interior offers space for 2 people and more. The layout is deceptively spacious offering you a structured, efficient environment to work from! CLICK HERE to view an internal concept illustration.

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You can own your own Ardis by leasing on a low cost weekly basis.
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3.6M x 2.4M (12' x 8')


Additional windows may be fitted on request.


Please see the layout options page for design and layout ideas for this model. Furniture, shelving, blinds, heating and electrics are available as an option on the Ardis 850. Contact a member of our team to discuss your own specific requirements

ABOVE: A typical 850 configuration. Additional windows may be fitted to your own unique specification.

choose an ardis to view | FULL RANGE | 400 | 450 | 850 | 1250 | SPACE+