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INTERNAL DIMENSIONS : 2.408m x 3.612m (approx. 8' x 12')

FOUNDATIONS : Preservative treated timber sleepers.

FLOOR : Plywood flooring on timber joists, polythene vapour barrier and insulation.

WALLS: MDF inner face with white textured finish, CLS timber studwork, vapour barrier, insulation, breather paper, cavity zone, external interlocking cladding.

EXTERNAL CLADDING : Horizontal interlocking boarding.

ROOF : Pitched roof manufactured in maintenance free GRP with integral gutter, solid timber fascia, insulation, vapour barrier, breather membrane and natural timber lining to vaulted ceiling.

ROOF WINDOWS : 1 x Velux double glazed opening roof window with all weather ventilation flap.

RAINWATER GOODS : Gutter is integral with the roof and one rainwater downpipe is provided to discharge to ground level.

WINDOWS & DOORS : High quality fully draught stripped softwood doors and windows double glazed with clear laminated glass as standard. Trickle ventilators over opening window. Fully glazed door has a stormproof mobility threshold and a clear minimum width of 800mm to comply with M2 1.35 of the Building Regulations (Access and facilities for disabled people). 2 x long narrow windows and 1 x fully glazed door (see also roof windows above).

PRESERVATIVE : Where required timbers will be preservative treated. Generally external timbers and timber in contact with the ground will be pressure impregnated with c.c.a. (Tanalith or Celcure).

DECORATION : Windows and doors would be finished with ‘Sadolin Superdec’ to a colour of your choice. External cladding would be finished with ‘Sadolin Superdec’ to a colour of your choice or alternatively a natural timber finish. Internal walls have a white vinyl textured finish and the timber ceiling has a clear matt lacquer.

VENTILATION : Wall mounted fresh air ventilator. Trickle vent over opening window.

HEATING & ELECTRICS (optional) : 6 x low energy adjustable dichroic luminaires mounted on tensioned wires at eaves level. Thermostatically controlled wall mounted 1.25kW panel convector heater with timer. 3 x wall mounted double power sockets and 1 x consumer unit. Prices may be viewed by clicking here.

CARPET (optional) : Wall to wall fitted carpet in a choice of colours. Carpet is general contract cord with a rot proof, water resistant gel backing.

FURNITURE & SHELVING (optional) : Please see the illustrations on the layout options page for ideas on how to furnish Ardis 850.

BLINDS (optional) : White venetian blinds tailored to suit each individual window are available for fitting to your Ardis on request.



Do not forget that our professional design team are on hand to advise and help you choose your own particular furniture layout or even your own special sized individual building – our unique modular system allows you to decide your own building size and design your own furniture layout.

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