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Travelling costs money: An Ardis can be purchased for under £40 per week (subject to interest changes) – the equivalent of a tank full of petrol for the average car.

Travelling costs time: Precious hours can be saved by not having to travel. The hours saved can be used working or for leisure. Just think what you could do with those extra hours saved each day!

Travelling is tiring: Arrive at your Ardis fresh in the morning and return home fresh in the evening.

A corporate body providing an Ardis for its staff can cut down on expensive office space and parking costs.

Help save the environment – cut down on fuel emissions by not driving to work.

You do not have to work from home 100% of the time. Very often the savings made, and the extra hours gained by working from home for just two or three days per week will pay for an Ardis. The central office space saved can be used by a colleague in your absence i.e. hot desking.

An Ardis creates a vital distinction between work and your domestic life, enabling you to concentrate, increase productivity and maintain a high level of professionalism.

Say goodbye to the dining room table – an Ardis provides a quiet, secure, private workspace where interruptions are unlikely. Your paperwork and computer files can be kept safe and free from deterioration and damage.

Say goodbye to damp paper that will not print. A well insulated, heated and ventilated Ardis means no damp conditions affecting your print paper and no damp conditions affecting your health.

Your occasional visitor, and possibly client, will experience the well thought out, well organised, stress free environment in which you work.

It is a well known fact that people working from home are more productive than those working in a central office.

The distinction between home life and work is essential. No matter how we try, mixing work and family life in the same building has its distractions; work affects family and family effects work… an Ardis helps make this distinction.

Finally, don’t forget the filter coffee and the music.

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